ThingSpeak Domain Model

Domain Model

In the Unified Modeling Language (UML) a class diagram is used to represent the domain model.

Code Review

In ThingSpeak code there is a ruby file is named config/routes.rb, in this file ThinkSpeak provides mapping between HTTP URLs and HTTP Controllers that resident under app/controllers/ folder.

Models are provided under app/models folder and database migirations also provided under app/admin.


ThingSpeak provides following tables:

  • Active Admin Comments
  • Admin Users
  • API Keys
  • Channels
  • Commands
  • Comments
  • Daily Feeds
  • Devices
  • Failed Logins
  • Feeds
  • Headers
  • Pipes
  • Plugins
  • Reacts
  • Scheduled Thing Https
  • Taggings
  • Tags
  • Talk Backs
  • Thing Https
  • Tweet Controls
  • Twitters Accounts
  • Users
  • Watchings
  • Windows