Installing scip on cygwin

First you must download scipsuit from here.

Then you must extract it with tar xvfz scipopsuite-3.1.1.tgz command.

Do following steps in order to install scip on 32bit windows using cygwin (unfortunately you cannot install scip on 64bit windows using cygwin)

  1. Install these packages: bison, flex, pcre, gcc, g++, gcc-fortan, readline (Find them using search bar in cygwin installer)
  2. Copy contents of include folder into cygwin/usr/include
  3. Copy contents of lib folder into cygwin/lib
  4. Go to zimpl folder of scpisuite and run make command
  5. Go to scipsuite root directory and run make command
  6. Go to scpi/bin folder and run ./scip everything must work and you must see welcome message as follow:
parham@SVE14A27CXH ~/scipoptsuite-3.1.0/scip-3.1.0/bin
$ ./scip
SCIP version 3.1.0 [precision: 8 byte] [memory: block] [mode: optimized] [LP solver: SoPlex 2.0.0] [GitHash: 577ee45]
Copyright (c) 2002-2014 Konrad-Zuse-Zentrum fuer Informationstechnik Berlin (ZIB)
External codes:
Readline 6.1 GNU library for command line editing (
SoPlex 2.0.0 Linear Programming Solver developed at Zuse Institute Berlin ( [GitHash: 568f354]
cppad-20140000.1 Algorithmic Differentiation of C++ algorithms developed by B. Bell (
ZLIB 1.2.8 General purpose compression library by J. Gailly and M. Adler (
GMP 6.0.0 GNU Multiple Precision Arithmetic Library developed by T.Granlund (
ZIMPL 3.3.2 Zuse Institute Mathematical Programming Language developed by T. Koch (
user parameter file <scip.set> not found - using default parameters